Pre & Post-Operative Rehab

Pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapy is key to optimum recovery. We offer rehabilitation packages to suit every need, helping you prepare for your operation and on your road to recovery afterwards.

We will use our expertise and knowledge to assess your mobility, strength and function, and will work with you during the different phases of your rehabilitation. Our pre-op support enables you to get as fit and strong as possible in the lead up to your planned operation. Our post-op support will help you progress and achieve your goals throughout your recovery.

We have developed close and trusted relationships with local consultants, so we can liaise and work closely together to ensure you are receiving the best possible post-operative care and are moving towards optimum function and full health.

How we can help:

Provide advice and support through the different stages of your recovery

Reduce pain, swelling and scarring

Improve mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination

Aid a prompt return to daily activities and independence

Help speed up return to recreational activities and sports

Prevention of some complications and compensatory issues.

Provide advice on equipment requirements

We are also able to add additional support to clients who wish to top ups on their NHS provision.

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